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What is an Event and What does Event Management mean?

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Though these two questions seem very easy. But finding a relevant definition is quite difficult. So here in this article, I have tried my best to make you understand the meaning of events and event management in the simplest way possible.

After reading this article you will get a brief introduction about the term event and event management.


What is the meaning of event?

In simple terms, an event is a moment which is happening and taking place in our life.

Now you tell me one thing,

Do you remember every event?

The answer is simply NO.

None can remember every event of their life. Because we can remember only what is important or has a purpose and if that purpose is worth remembering then we want to celebrate it. So from this, we can derive a definition of event i.e


An event is a planned social gathering or an occasion that is organized by any individual or a group of people to celebrate any particular happening or for the purpose of cherishing that moment with others.

We live a long life and we are social animals. Hence we experience different kinds of events in our life.

So there are different types of events that we celebrate in our life. Broadly speaking, events are organized for fun, work, launches, parties etc, the list is fairly endless.

What are the types of events?

Traditionally there are four types of events.

1. Leisure Events: As the name suggests, these events are held purely for fun or for the purpose of spending leisure moments. There are certain types of leisure events like

  • Pool Party
  • Entertainment Events
  • Musical Nights
  • Bonfire

2. Cultural Events: Events that are organized to celebrate cultural heritage and traditions are known as cultural events. These are high community involvement events. Festivals and religious occasions come into the categories of cultural events.

  • Holi Moo
  • Goa Carnival
  • Diwali Fair
  • Navratri Nights

3. Organizational Events: These are the events that tend to be well organized and have a specific agenda and interests that are commercial, sales-driven, political, etc. A specific group of people from a particular organization mainly plan these types of events to create awareness about their commercial values in tangible or intangible terms.

  • Political Events
  • Product Launch
  • Fundraising Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Educational Events

4. Personal Events: Events that are held on every personal level for family and friends are known as personal events. These kinds of events are mainly organized to celebrate and cherish a personal occasion with the known peoples. So mostly attendees are either invited or the part of the group who are organizing these types of events.

  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding Events
  • Baby Shower
  • Anniversary

But I must say that all the above-mentioned types of events are categorized on the basis of the theme and the goal of the event.

If you go in-depth, events can be further classified on the basis of sizes and contexts.

There are many events that are held in the world which you might not consider as events. These events have a specific purpose for getting organized by different organizations.

Types of events on the basis of purpose

Events for aiming up marketing and sales

  • Trade shows
  • RWA Activities
  • School Contact Programs
  • Activations

Events to start or enhance awareness

  • Grand Openings
  • Charity or Fundraising
  • Product Launch
  • Press Conferences

Events to increase productivity

  • Dealers Meet
  • Partners Meet
  • Retreats
  • Seminars

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Now the question rises

Why do we need events?

  • We need events to celebrate such occasions which brings positivity and happiness to our life.
  • We use events to get to know the consumer, meet them, greet them, and induce the need to use our products.
  • We need events to make people aware of our company’s mission and vision to build a brand image.
  • Events can be used to have fun, convey, express, induce trial, and boost sales.
  • Events are all about the business of thrill and excitement and having fun and making money while working.

Now I believe what event is all about, what are its types and why we need to organize events. So now let’s move to our next question.

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What is Event Management?

One thing you must have noticed while reading the definition of events i.e. event is all about organizing and planning. And to understand what is an event management, I believe you must need to know where from these two words “organizing” and “planning” are coming out.

So these words belong to the functions of Management.

Management is the process of planning, organizing, decision making, coordinating and controlling the human resources, financial, physical and information resources of an organization to reach its goals efficiently and effectively.

Now when we apply the theory of management into events, then we will get a proper definition of event management.


Event management is the application of project management to create and develop small or a large scale of events. However, It is now also termed as a tool for strategic marketing and communication used by companies to promote their brand and drive sales.

Functions of Event Management 

  • Defining the goal of the event
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Conceptualizing the theme of the event
  • Devising the event concepts
  • Planning the logistics
  • Coordinating the event staffs
  • Evaluating the event

Sometimes event management is synonymous with event planning. But if you look in a broader way, event management and event planning are two different things.

As we know planning comes before managing an event. Even in the case of management functions that you must have learned that planning comes first followed by organizing, coordinating and other functions.

Why do we need event management? 

Ask a question to yourself, Do you want yourself to work on your own wedding or do you want to register the visitors who are coming to the seminar organized by you, or do you want to set up the stage of that event where you are going to perform?

Your answer will be NO. It’s no, not because you don’t know how to do these or you feel embarrassed while doing this.

It is no because you want to give more time to yourself to do what is necessary for the planning of the event. So event management helps you in many ways like

  • Save your times to let you enjoy your precious moments
  • Ensure the quality of services you required for your events
  • Arrange things like decor materials, stationaries and many more as per the requirement of your event
  • Find a suitable venue for your event
  • Acquire the necessary permits
  • RSVP of your guest

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