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‘Life Is A Circus’ A Digitally Produced Show taking Rambo Circus Online Amid COVID-19

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The Rambo Circus, one of the oldest and biggest circus in the country which is also a member of the World Circus  Federation came up with this innovative idea after its business came to a standstill due to the pandemic.

‘Life Is A Circus’- An Online Circus Show by Rambo Circus


A Digitally Produced Show taking Rambo Circus Online through a virtual platform.

As we have entered the New Normal life, in which most of the companies from the different sectors have started their work digitally and they are providing their service in such a manner, which is quite innovative and a providing a fightback option to the artists and performers related to the event and entertainment industry. Even it is creating a very new experience for the audience to enjoy the events from their home sitting on their couch.

So in the context of “modern problems require modern solutions”, The Pune’s Rambo Circus by taking this quite seriously is all set to make their digital debut.

Circus, which is one of the most entertaining events earlier, was part of our everlasting memory of growing up in small towns as well as in the big cities.

The circus is being a part of our childhood memory,  even we still love to watch and enjoy the show, the experience takes us into nostalgia to refresh those old school days when our parents used to take us to the circus and we loved watching clowns and tamed animals.

Sujit Dilip, the owner of Rambo circus whose father PT Dilip founded Rambo Circus in 1992 in an interview with TOI said ” The Circus is going online from Sep 25 to Oct 6, 2020, is more than just circus act and accompanying music and light.

Rambo Circus owner Sujit Dilip told the media, “With isolation becoming the new norm, we’re now trying to reinvent the whole experience of watching a circus online.

Further, He said that people can buy tickets online from BookMyShow and watch the show from their homes. We are hopeful that the digital revolution will bring lost visibility and respect to the art form.”

The initiative is led by Laqshya Live Experiences and Production Crew Entertainment.

Moreover, Saurabh Khurana,  who is the Senior Vice President of National Laqshya Live Experiences and the Rambo Circus’s outdoor partner said, “As a part of the overall events eco-system, we are pleased to lend our support to Rambo circus and excited about the prospects of taking an event traditionally hampered by location over a digital platform. We are stoked to take the circus experience to people right on their screens.”

Adding to this, Dinesh  Shetty,  Founder, Production Crew Entertainment said “The ongoing pandemic has taken entertainment to a digital route. We are excited to take the age-old circus experience online with the artistes coming into your homes and making you laugh. We believe that the show must go on irrespective of the hurdles and this belief is the genesis of our offering,”

So as per a statement, which has officially been shared by the concerned member of Rambo Circus that, the virtual show promises to provide complete family entertainment with performances like Tickets for the show will be sold online and it will be hosted on a digital platform.

Notably, the show also aims to empower Rambo Circus artists to come back and start earning a living doing what they are best doing.

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Some of the important highlights of the virtual shows ‘Life is a circus’ are: 

  • The show will include daring trapeze acts and mesmerising acrobatic stunts, which will make it a complete family entertainment.
  • The grand finale act of the show will conclude with the best of all acts dedicated to the COVID Warriors for their constant effort to battling against the pandemic with a special message from the Rambo Circus Artistes.
  • Funds raised from this digital show will be used for the welfare of the Rambo Circus crew.
  • All donations will be collected by BookASmile which will be transferred to the Swaradhar NGO, which will then hand over the amount to Rambo Circus.
  • The collected amount will be used for the welfare and well being of the artists associated with Rambo Circus.
  • People who are not willing to buy the ticket even they can make donations online through the payment gateway page link provided at Bookmyshow
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Sreevidya Ethiraj
2 years ago

what a great event and also help for our department!

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